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Web-Enhanced Instruction with GeoGebra

This wiki was used for an online workshop sponsored through the MAA Professional Enhancement Program. Primary funding provided by the Division of Undergraduate Education at the National Science Foundation (DUE-0817071).


It has been built upon as a  repository of instructional material for GeoGebra.


The workshop ran July 11-15, 2011 with daily sessions 10:00-11:30 and 2:30-4:00, Central time.

Workshop Overview



Questions and Requests - a space for posting questions and requests and for commenting on these items

Group assignments and workspace

Participant applets

Instructor applets


Applets from other workshops

  1. Exeter Workshop
  2. MSI worksop 

GeoGebra - Resources and notes for getting started


  1. Installation and set up
    1. Follow the instructions to download and install GeoGebra
  2. Introductory activities and resources
  3. Web resources
    1. The main GeoGebra site - The main site with links to other useful pages
    2. The GeoGebra Forum - forum for GeoGebra users.  My experience is that questions are generally answered within a day.  Searching old threads provides lots of information.
    3. The GeoGebra Wiki - a free collection of educational material using GeoGebra
    4. Other Collections of GeoGebra resources on the Web
    5. Resources particular to Release 4.0
      1. Release Notes for 4.0 - This gives a list of the changes since version 3.2
      2. The Release 4.0 Manual - Done as a Wiki
  4. Adding to the wiki - There are several ways to add GeoGebra applets to the wiki.  Instructions are given in order of difficulty.
    1. Adding an html page that includes a ggbBase64 tag.
    2. Working without the web, running with jar files.
    3. Adding an html page that has separate jar files.
    4. Adding an applet into a wiki page.  You can then use the wiki structure to edit the page and add material around it.
    5. Adding JavaScript to an html page that includes an applet. - One of the nice features of GeoGebra is that it is JavaScript aware.  That means we can add JavaScript to a web page and have it interact with the GeoGebra applet.  (With release 4, you will be able to add the JavaScript directly into the GeoGebra applet.) 


Technical Handouts and Activity Pages


  1. Activity handouts
    1. An example of creating a geometric activity with release 4.0
    2. Turning a GeoGebra activity into an Applet
      1. Turning a Geometric activity into an Applet with release 4.0. This creates a Java applet and a web page.
      2. Turning a Geometric activity into an Applet with release 4.4.  This uses GeoGebraTube as a base and creates an HTML5 applet. 
    3. Graphing Inequalities with release 4.0
    4. An example of creating an algebraic activity looking at quadratic functions.
    5. Calculus Activities
      1. An overview of calculus commands.
      2. Exploring Local Linearity.  This looks at the use of the two graphics windows.
      3. Slope Fields and Solution Curves.  The second graphics window is used as a place to store text and sliders.  Works with lists of points.
      4. An Overview of New Calculus abilities of GeoGebra 4.0 
    6. Statistics Activities - Statistics with Spreadsheets
    7. Creating a Tessellation  Applet
    8. Linear Algebra Activity
    9. A list of Favorite New Features of Release 4.0.
  2. Locally produced technical handouts for release 4.2.
    1. A guide 
  3. Locally produced technical handouts for release 4.0. 
    1. A guide to the tool menus, release 4.0
    2. A guide to the GeoGebra menus, release 4.0
    3. The Options menu with release 4.0
    4. Using Help with release 4.0
    5. Adding text to an activity with release 4.0
    6. Visual Styles with release 4.0
    7. Introduction to the spreadsheet view.
    8. Downloading applets and html pages with release 4.0
    9. Adding GeoGebra scripts to objects with release 4.0
    10. Using GeoGebra with other software:
      1. Exporting graphics as PNG files to include in Word - Exporting Graphs and graph paper with release 4.0
      2. Exporting graphics for inclusion in LaTeX
      3. Connecting gnuplot and LaTeX with GeoGebra 
    11. An example of creating a custom tool - 
  4. Locally produced technical handouts for release 3.2.
    1. Creating a Geometry Activity, release 3.2.
    2. A guide to the tool menus, release 3.2
    3. A guide to the GeoGebra menus, release 3.2
    4. A list of the commands in release 3.2
    5. Sorted New Commands in 3.2
    6. Turning a geometric activity into an applet. Version 3.2
    7. Creating an Algebra Activity is release 3.2
    8. Adding text to an activity with release 3.2
    9. Adding a JavaScript panel to an applet with release 3.2
    10. Exporting Graph Paper, release 3.2
  5. Training Materials
    1. ICTCM 2012
      1. Outline for New Features of GeoGebra - ICTCM 2012
      2. Zipped Collection of Files and materials for ICTCM 2012 
      3. The computer minicourse paper - New Features of GeoGebra 4.0 
    2. MaineWorkshop - Two talks were presented,
      1. Constructing random quizzes,
      2. New Views on GeoGebra
    3. ICTCM 2015
      1. guide to Tool Menus, Release 5.0

Examples of Applets

Examples of Javascript Tricks
Javascript applet methods entry on GeoGebra wiki

Examples of GeoGebra Tricks
Old Activities


  1. Sharing your computer desktop in Wimba (Word document), or as a pdf file.
  2. Download and install SeaMonkey (SeaMonkey is a free, open source, cross platform, What You See Is What You Get, web page editor.  If you already have other software you use for web page editing, you will not need this.) 
  3. Wimba Classroom - direct link 
  4. Computer Requirements and Wimba access

Session Archives


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