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A guide to the GeoGebra menus, release 40

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The Menus of GeoGebra 4.0


It is worthwhile to look at the menus for GeoGebra 4.0, with attention given to changes from 3.2.  Location may vary with operating system, but on a Mac these are at the top of the screen. The GeoGebra (or geogebra.GeoGebra) menu is a standard menu for applications on your system.  We are concerned with the other menus: File, Edit, View, Options, Tools, Window, and Help




The File menu again is a fairly standard menu for your operating system, with the addition of an arrow to expand under "Export".  This menu selection  opens up so we can export in various formats.  We will be most interested in exporting the activity as an applet and in exporting the graphical view as a picture.





The Edit menu is where we would typically look for copy and paste.  It has interesting options for selection.  It is also a place where we can choose to go to the dialog for object properties,



The View menu controls what is visible in GeoGebra. Most of the items are toggles, that are either on or off.  In this case we see the axes, but not a grid.  We see the Algebra View, but not the Spreadsheet or CAS View.  We also do not see the virtual keyboard.  Several items have a toggle check along with a menu of options.  Perspectives gives control on how the various view windows are arranged.  The CAS view, virtual keyboard, and Perspectives controls are new with release 4.0.




Most of the entries of the Options menu expand into a set of choices.  Looking at the expanded options below, we see that we have chosen in the algebra window to see values of objects rather than definitions or commands.  We have chosen to measure angles in degrees rather than radians, and we have chosen that numbers should show up to 2 decimal digits.




The Tools menu gives you the option of creating or managing new tools or customizing the toolbar.  It also gives you access to the tools in the toolbar.




The Window menu allows you to create a new window or to choose between active files.




The Help menu has links to a number of sources of help.




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