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Using Help with release 40

Page history last edited by Russell Blyth 11 years, 5 months ago

Help on Commands with GeoGebra 4.0


With release 4.0, syntactical help for GeoGebra commands has been organized to be more user friendly.  There is a small icon that looks like an arrow from a page on the right side of the input bar.




Clicking the icon opens a window with list of families of commands.  (Clicking the icon that opened the help window a second time will close the command list window.)




Clicking on one of the plus signs reveals the list of commands in the family.



Clicking on a command shows you the syntax of the command.   You also want to notice the buttons below the input help window.  The paste button transfers the command to the input bar.  The Show Online Help button connects you to online help for the command.



Showing Online Help connects you to the new GeoGebra wiki and opens a page giving information on the command.



The other way to get help is to select the Help item from the Help menu.




This brings you to the main manual page of the GeoGebra wiki


Selecting either Tools or Commands gives you a list of tools and commands with information for each command and tool.



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