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Favorite New Features of Release 40

Page history last edited by Mike May, S.J. 12 years, 11 months ago

New features in GeoGebra


Release 4.0 has literally hundreds of additions and improvements.  I will highlight some that I find interesting.



o   LeftSum

o   RectangleSum

o   LowerSum

o   UpperSum

o   Min

o   Max

o   Extremum



  • Probability Calculator
  • Lots of distributions

o   Gamma, InverseGamma,

o   FDistribution, InverseFDistribution,

o   TDistribution, InverseTDistribution,

o   Cauchy, InverseCauchy,

o   ChiSquared, InverseChiSquared,

o   Exponential, InverseExponential,

o   Weibull. InverseWeibull, 

o   Binomial,  InverseBinomial,

o   Pascal,  InversePascal,

o   Poisson,  InversePoisson, 

o   HyperGeometric,  InverseHyperGeometric,

o   Zipf,  InverseZipf,  

  • One Variable Analyzer in spreadsheet
  • Regression plotter
  • Two Variable Analyzer in spreadsheet
  • Save to list of values or points
  • Import CSV file to spreadsheet




Second Graphics window


Improvements to Interface

  • Dynamic slider control
  • Copy visual style
  • Fast style control from control strip
  • Defaults for object styles
  • Improved text tool

o   nice preview

o   palettes for constructions

o   insertion of algebraic objects

  • Applet functionality

o   ggbBase64 encoding of ggb file in applet tag

o   open webpage

  • Scripting of objects
  • Playback list to input
  • Virtual Keyboard for smartboards
  • Symbol Palette in input bar


New Objects

  • Pen Tool
  • TextField
  • Button








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