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Group assignments and workspace

Page history last edited by Tony Cron 9 years, 4 months ago

Group assignments and workspace


We'll have you work in groups on projects during the workshop. We will assign you to a group by the end of Tuesday's sessions based on feedback we'll ask for on Monday. 


Each group will have a workspace page created that your group can then use to exchange ideas and to link to applets that you're in the process of creating.


After hearing from more than one participant that the assignment could do with better explanation, here goes. The assignment is to work together on creating materials using GeoGebra that you can imagine using in teaching during the next year. We plan to have you all show the whole workshop later this week what you've been working on. We're not expecting polished, final products. As Mike said during one of the sessions, we just want to create the best chance for the workshop to "stick" by having everyone actually produce something this week. We've seen from previous experience that once you've developed a few applets, you're more likely to continue producing them.


Although your group has a "label" attached to it, you can produce materials on anything that you like. And there's no reason why you need produce only one product, or one version of your group's work. You may have varying ideas about how to build off one theme. That's OK.


These are proposed groups. If you want to switch (or add) groups, let us know (or edit this page to switch yourselves - you should only do this provided the two groups concerned know what is happening).




1. (MA secondary): Elisse Ghitelman, Doug Kuhlmann, June Patton, Reid Forest

Workspace page

Here are the ggb files that we are going to demonstrate Thursday afternoon:

FunctionAsIntegral_WG1.ggb     FunctionAsIntegal_WG1.html




2. ("Geometry"): Pamela Cohen, Molly Fenn, Sharon Emerson-Stonnell, John O'Neal, Mike Ward

Workspace page


3. ("College Algebra"): Yun Lu, Alison Moser, Dianne Marquart

Workspace page


4. ("Precalculus/Trig"): Tony Cron, David Edwards, Maria Falidas, Shumei Richman, Eunkyung You

Workspace page


5. ("Calculus"): Hillary Einziger, Ellen Panofsky, Kristen Schreck

Workspace page


6. ("Calculus"): Craig Bailey, Hengli Jiao, James Quinlan

Workspace page


7. ("GeoGebra 5.0"): Jim Factor

Workspace page


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