Instructor applets

A page for applets by the workshop leaders






    1. QuadraticsRDB.html contains the applet in a web page
    2. QuadraticsRDB.ggb  is the GeoGebra file
    1.   UnitCircleRDB.html contains the unit circle applet in a web page
    2. UnitCircleRDB.ggb is the GeoGebra file
    3. SpreadsheetStatsRDB.html contains the spreadsheet with statistical features in a web page
    4. SpreadsheetStatsRDB.ggb is the GeoGebra file 
    1. Derivatives.html contains the applet exploring some derivative tools
    2. Derivatives.ggb  is the GeoGebra file
    3. Taylor.html contains the applet demonstrating Taylor polynomials
    4. Taylor.ggb is the GeoGebra file
    5. AreaSums.html contains the applet exploring Riemann sums and integrals
    6. AreaSums.ggb is the GeoGebra file
    7. Series.html  contains the applet for sequences and series
    8. Series.ggb is the GeoGebra file 

                    (Note that I had trouble getting the applets that use GeoGebra 4.0 features to save as html pages,

                         so the html pages that are here were created in GeoGebra 3.2)

    1. Matrices in GeoGebra 4.0 -
      1. MatricesRDB.ggb  
    2. Image manipulations - attaching images to points and moving them.
      1. ButterflyOnCurveRDB.html contains the applet
      2. ButterflyOnCurveRDB.ggb is the session ggb file (opens in 3.2 or 4.0)
      3. ButterflyOnCurveButtonRDB.ggb adds buttons that control the animation (GeoGebra 4.0 only) 
    3. Geometric transformations of images (and other objects)
      1. FrogTransformationsRDB.ggb is the GeoGebra 4.0 ggb file (includes ApplyMatrix, a 4.0 only command)
    4. Tessellations
      1. FishTessellationRDB.html contains the applet
      2. FishTessellationRDB.ggb is the GeoGebra file (opens in 3.2 or 4.0) 
    1. ToggleButtonRDB.html contains the applet
    2. ToggleButtonRDB.ggb is the ggb file 
    1. Implicit.ggb is the ggb applet