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New features of GeoGebra

Page history last edited by Mike May, S.J. 12 years, 1 month ago

New features of GeoGebra

ICTCM 2012


This page gives an outline of new features.

ICTCM-2012-GeoGebra.zip gives a collection of of files that expand on the outline, and includes the ggb files that are referred to in those documents.

Last year at ICTCM, we were up to 3.9.155, and release 4.0 was on the horizon.

Since then:

  • GeoGebra 4.0 was released in October.

  • Plans were made for a release 4.2

  • Release 5.0 is being worked on.

  • GeoGebraTube has been released

  • GeoGebraPrim has been released

  • GeoGebraMobile is under development.


Establishing a baseline for the minicourse.

  • Assume that everyone has some familiarity with GeoGebra 3.2, and can use it to make activities and applets.

  • For new features we should look at philosophy of use, what has been released, the near horizon, and the far horizon.


I) Philosophy of use (personal)

  1. A tool for applets: (My favorite mode of use) Easy to use, fairly light, reasonably broad feature set, aimed at late high school, early college. Everything could easily be put into an applet. Java base was a positive feature. Mainly to be used for creating visualization tools, that students will experime creating nt with outside of class.
  2. A tool for classroom demonstration by the teacher: Less restriction on size of the program, more interested in features. Files are assumed to come with explanatory lecture on the side.
  3. A tool where the students create demonstration. Assume that students will learn some programming skills. Need a bigger buy in in time used.


The different philosophies lead to different design constraints. In particular, many of the neatest new features do not work in applet mode.




II) Currently released:


  1. GeoGebra 4.0 – Lots of under the hood improvements. Instructions for almost any task are simpler.
    My favorite new features list:
    1. Calculus features:
      1. Improved algebra engine so most derivatives and integrals work,
      2. Calculus commands, Min, Max, Root, Roots, Extrema,
      3. Function Inspector Tool,
      4. Improved Riemann sums,
      5. Functions of two variables,
      6. Implicit Functions,
      7. SolveODE command for solution curves
    2. Statistics features:
      1. a) Statistical analyzer from spreadsheet tool, (Designed for classroom demonstration.)
      2. Probability tool,
      3. Lots of Distribution functions
      4. Expanded set of probability and statistics functions
    3. Inequalities
    4. Under the hood I:
      1. Text/LaTeX construction and previewer, templates for LaTeX,
      2. Labels and captions
      3. Change in defaults for web construction, capture from URL.
    5. Under the hood II – Interface tweaks,
      1. Arrangement of help,
      2. Nicer command completion,
      3. Availability of symbols.
      4. Settings panel
      5. Virtual Keyboard
    6. Advanced features –
      1. GeoGebra Scripting with all objects
      2. Buttons, text fields, and scripting.
      3. Second graphing window
    7. Interface changes
      1. Style bar
      2. Style palettes,
      3. Copying visual style,
      4. Formula bar on spreadsheets,
      5. Flexibility of view arrangement,
  2. Related products
    1. 1) GeoGebraPrim – Interface for younger students. Really a default view.
    2. 2) GeoGebraTube – A shift to file distribution rather than applet distribution
  • III) Near horizon
    1. GeoGebra 4.2 (all of the features they wanted to put into 4.0, that weren’t done at the time for the 4.0 release – Expected soon.)
      1. CAS window
      2. Python scripting window
      3. Export as HTML5 rather than Java
      4. Kinect interface
    2. GeoGebraMobil – GeoGebra for iPad and tablets.
  • IV) Farther horizon
  • A) GeoGebra 5.0 – Tools for R^3
  • B) GeoGebra3D


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