Exeter Workshop

This is a collection of GeoGebra activities produced by participants in the GeoGebra short course at the Anja Greer Conference at Exeter, NH, June 24-29, 2012.


  1. Transformations.ggb Looks at transformations of functions.
  2. Vermes_Polynomial Inequalities1.ggb Does an analysis of polynomials to show where they are positive and negative.
  3. PolarAreaSums_MV_DKmod.ggb  Is a modification of Riemann summs to find areas of polar curves
  4. ShiftSin.ggb
  5. Sinusoidal Matching.ggb
  6. FundThmRJU.ggb does a demonstration of the fundamental theorem of calculus.
  7. GAPproblem2.ggb
  8. KenConner_BoxMax.ggb Does a visualization of the problem of finding a box of maximal volume.
  9. constructDerivativeMLH.ggb Has the user construct the derivative by finding the slope at a collection of points.
  10. Euler.ggb Is a construction of curves by EUler's method