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Creating an Applet with GeoGebra 4.4


Verified with release 4.4.32


With release 4.4 there was a major shift in the structure of using GeoGebra to create applets. The heart of this shift was a decision to move from using Java to using HTML5. The short version of the reasoning is that when GeoGebra was first released it was believed Java would be on all computational devices. With the rise of tablets and smartphones that is no longer true. Additionally, security issues have arisen and are continuously getting worse, so Java applets are less user-friendly than they used to be. Thu, the leadership of GeoGebra decided to move to a web compliant structure using HTML5 and GeoGebraTube.


This document looks at how to create an applet with GeoGebra. We assume that we are working with GeoGebra 4.4, the current version. We start by assuming that you have an activity that you want to save as an applet. We use the application that finds the intersection of the three perpendicular bisectors of a triangle.



In the file menu, select share.

This brings up a small window that says it is uploading the applet. It then takes your browser to GeoGebraTube.



If you don’t have an ID on the GeoGebraTube site, you will be prompted to create one. As the page indicates, you are about half way through the submission process. You will have text boxes where you can add text that will appear above and below the applet on the Student worksheet page.


After entering the text, you should then click Continue to go to a page of information for teachers.



The information for teachers includes language and target age of users. It also lets you set the level of visibility of an applet.The applet has now been saved and is available on GeoGebraTube. Selecting Go To Student Worksheet will give the desired web page. The url of that web page can be called directly.



We may want to include the applet in a web page of our own construction. For that we want to create tag we can put in a page of HTML. Select embed.



We are given a screen for the applet tag. We start with using the default options.


Paste that tag into a web page and we have an applet.



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